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A ute load of cheer

Every year the QCU Women’s Committee collects gifts of toys, linen and personal items for women and children. A ute load of gifts were donated this year and  Union Health, already a provider of paid DFV leave and other supportive workplace arrangements, added their support to our drive with a contribution of hundreds of dental kits.

Our donations were made to MICAH Projects to assist women and children escaping domestic and family violence.  MICAH Projects provides support to women and children, responding to domestic and family violence. The gifts will be delivered to women and their families in the next two weeks.

Union Health also made a great contribution this year, donating hundreds of dental care packs to the drive

Thank you to all who contributed to the ‘2021 Ute Load of Gifts’.


Margot Hoyte QCU Development and Women’s Officer and Rob Seljak, CEO, Union Health