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FIGHT – Unions refuse to back down and jeopardise community services

Revival of a classic game show in downtown Townsville highlights the winners and losers from the Turnbull LNP government’s $65 billion tax cut to big business.

Members of the Townsville public played “Community Jeopardy” choosing who between a nurse, teacher or weather forecaster they would discard so big business can have its tax cuts.

Queensland Council of Unions Townsville President Les Moffitt said the Turnbull government’s $65 billion tax break for big business means $65 billion less for spending and investing in public services such as health, education and other services vital to communities like Townsville.

The event also provided more focus on the federal government’s refusal to bargain in good faith with thousands of its own federal public sector employees, those who provide vital services to communities across Australia.

The time-tested game show format in Community Jeopardy exposed the LNP’s misguided tax policy.

Here’s a few more questions asked at the Townsville Bulletin Square event:

  • So which services will Townsville have to do without to give big business an extra $65 billion on their bottom line?
  • True or False? – the notion that wealth from big business tax cuts will somehow trickle down to workers in Townsville.
  • LNP policies have seen income inequality in Australia reach its highest levels in 60, 70 or 80 years?

An Essential Research poll found 60 per cent of respondents, including more than half of Coalition voters, think making big multinational corporations pay more tax would be good for the economy because it would increase government revenue.

“It’s a double blow for workers already doing it tough when their community services are also stripped away so big business can score a tax break,” said Mr Moffitt.