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Queensland Unions urge voters to “Put One Nation Last”

Queensland Unions’ field campaign is in full swing, in the final sprint to the state election on 25 November.

Dedicated target seat coordinators are on the ground, working with a strong network of union members and community supporters, as the QCU targets 17 electorates across the state.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan has met with workers throughout regional Queensland in two series of union town hall meetings since mid-year to discuss the policy priorities that matter to the lives of working families.

“Queensland workers are telling us their top priorities are building on the track record of creating secure jobs and restoring frontline services – without selling off our publicly-owned assets and trashing workplace rights,” said Ms McLennan.

QCU General Secretary Ros McLennan spells out Queensland Unions’ preference position in Brisbane today, as two “special guests” look on.

Queensland Unions will be urging voters to ‘Put One Nation Last’ in all target seats where One Nation is running a candidate.  Only in the four QCU target seats where there is no One Nation candidate, will the QCU will be advising people to ‘Put the LNP Last’.

Ms McLennan explained: “After months of evasion, Tim Nicholls and the LNP have finally fessed up to their thinly-veiled, Clayton’s preference deal with One Nation.  And in return, Tim Nicholls will get his back scratched with One Nation preferences.  A dirty deal that may well deliver Queenslanders an unstable and chaotic Coalition government, with a cut, sack, sell agenda.

“A One Nation / LNP coalition government would unravel Queensland’s progress over the last two and a half years in job creation, restoration of frontline services, protections of working rights, boosting business confidence and keeping our public assets in public hands.  The reasons for the LNP / One Nation preference swap is obvious – Tim Nicholls needs One Nation to become Premier, and several One Nation candidates running in this election were former LNP MPs.

“No matter how hard they try to portray some distance – it’s now crystal clear that a vote for One Nation is a vote for the LNP.”

Research data has been critical in identifying the ‘hot spots’ where the QCU believes it can swing enough voters to defeat sitting LNP members.

Ms McLennan said: “Working families value essential services like health, and want a stable government that continues to put job creation and public ownership of assets at the top of its agenda for Queensland. In that, Tim Nicholls – as Campbell Newman’s former Treasurer – and the LNP, has failed dismally.  His only agenda is to cut, sack and sell.

“It is mathematically impossible for the LNP to govern without the support of One Nation, which will mean chaos for Queensland – as well as a return to the mass job cuts, slashing of public services and privatisation push.  And Queensland workers will lose more rights and protections.

“One Nation has shown time and again that they are no friend of Queensland workers.

“Queensland unions can’t match the LNP when it comes to an expensive air war – but we are on the ground working with union members and community supporters right across Queensland.”

Queensland unions are using digital organising strategies to mobilise local activists – in addition to more traditional ways of having conversations with voters, such as doorknocking, phone calls, community meetings, information stalls at local events and distribution of printed materials.”

“Queensland unions’ issues-based, field campaign delivers a modern twist on the Your Rights at Work campaign.  It’s nothing fancy – this campaign relies simply on talking to voters about what’s at risk – street by street, suburb by suburb, seat by seat,” Ms McLennan said.

The QCU target seats include Cook, Cairns, Mundingburra, Burdekin, Whitsunday, Keppel, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Glass House, Mansfield, Mount Ommaney, Springwood, Everton, Bonney, Gaven, Toowoomba North and Pumicestone.