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Research project examines future of “working from home”

In March this year COVID meant that many Queenslanders started working from home.

Restrictions are now easing and a partial or complete return to work has occurred for many.

Should the option to work from home be extended generally and, if so, under what conditions?

The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) is currently conducting a research project, aiming to establish how work from home and telecommuting arrangements can be more effectively implemented.

The Project covers issues including supervision, communication, mental health, safety and work patterns, including work intensification.

Volunteers needed

We are asking for volunteers to participate in Focus Groups.

Run via zoom, they will take about an hour and will provide an opportunity for you to contribute to this valuable research.

You will be paid a ‘thank you’ for your time and effort in participating. Please phone 07 30102555 or email to register your interest in a Focus Group.