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Statement on the Gaza Conflict

The Queensland union movement has long been part of a movement of peace. We oppose all forms of violence, including racism of any type. We are deeply concerned and call for an end to the violence between Israel and Palestine and the related conflict in neighbouring countries.

We condemn the actions of Hamas on 7 October 2023, including the violent mass killings of Israeli people, and join with other leaders in the Australian trade union movement and community in demanding the release of all hostages.

We also condemn the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza which is killing thousands of Gazans who have had no involvement in the violence or killings, and add our voices to the call for a ceasefire and an end to the violence to stop further killings of innocent people.

As an Executive we grieve for all lives that have been taken and lost. We grieve for the innocent and for the workers who have been killed both going to work and continuing to carry out their work in unsafe workplaces, including those workers who have and are caring for the injured and dying the teachers, journalists and others simply carrying out their day to day work.

We express our deep concern for the residents of any of the communities who have been left without essentials like food, water, electricity and fuel, and a means to escape the horrors of a war they did not choose.

It is imperative that the international community work together urgently to seek to achieve a fair and just resolution for a lasting peace, which must include a recognition of the sovereign nationhood of the state of Palestine and the freedom, equality, and human rights of its people, including the same rights, self-determination and access to resources as any other democratic nation.