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Union movement to mobilise for voice referendum

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has today announced that the date for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum will take place on October 14.


The QCU executive passed a resolution committing to the success of the “Yes’ campaign back in November 2022.


Since then, union members across the country have taken part in public events to show solidarity to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues who are calling for a simple, practical recognition that means they can provide advice on issue that affect their lives, like health, education and jobs.



Quotes attributable to QCU General Secretary Jacqueline King:


“The union movement was built on amplifying voices so they can be heard.


“We know we get better outcomes in the workplace when bosses listen to workers, just as we know doctors get better outcomes when they listen to patients. Its stands to reason then that policymakers listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people's voice on issues that impact their lives will also lead to better outcomes. 


“For too long our Parliaments have made laws about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples without proper consultation with First Nations peoples. These policies have often entrenched discrimination and disadvantage, forcing First Nations peoples to work for free or below legal minimum wages over two centuries.


“The union movements has listened to its membership who are keen to walk with their indigenous colleagues and we will be supporting members to campaign on this issue.”