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Mythbusting for Young Workers

Who you going to call? 👻

Frankly we are a bit insulted you have to ask. Young Workers Hub of course! (Deep apologies for mixing aged cultural references)

Anyway, here are the three biggest myths we hear all the time from young workers.

      1. Opening and Closing isn't Paid Time

        Well I guess we all love volunteering then.

        If your boss says you have to be there then they have to pay you. It's really that simple. which leads us to...

      2. Mandatory training or meetings aren't work

        A quick way of checking whether you should be getting paid for a meeting or training outside of work hours is whether it is optional. If it's not, then you need to be paid for the time. Always check before you turn up - if it's important enough to make you come in then it's important enough to pay people for their time.

        If it is optional, it's up to you whether you go or not but we would say there's plenty of great causes to volunteer your time outside of work. Just ask us!

      3. If the books don't balance that's our problem

        Look, mistakes happen. Sometimes the register doesn't equalise or stock is lost. That's just a standard part of any business.

        We get told all the time about bosses who take money out of wages or tips to make up the difference. That's not only a horrible boss but one breaking the law as well. You have a job description, you are not a partner or co-owner.

There's a heap more of these myths rattling around with young workers. It's partially why we exist - to go bust them! If you have a question, another myth for us to bust or just want to have a chat - 0448 681 116 or leave a comment below.